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Color with Hunter Douglas Design Studio™

Sometimes choosing a color for a room can seem overwhelming because of endless options. Just think of how many swatches you have taped to a wall trying to pick the perfect hue. However, the reason many people get stuck picking a color is because they’re asking themselves the wrong question. Instead of pondering over which color is best ask yourself, “What mood am I trying to set in this space?” Once you answer that, choosing a color is easy because certain hues will lend themselves to different moods. In fact, different colors have been shown to have an actual physical effect on people, so their use in interior design can be especially powerful. For example, while blue can slow the heart rate, red can speed it up. So, if you know what mood you want to set and how different colors affect mood, you can create the perfect color palette for any space in your home, including the ideal color for your Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ window treatments.

Color based on Mood with Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Products near   Dobbs Ferry, New York (NY)


Red is stimulating, which is why it represents emotions like love or anger. The color red itself can increase your heart and respiration rate. When used as a decorating color it adds energy to a room, and so it’s best for active rooms like the living room or entry way. Fabric is one fun way to play with reds in interior design because the material itself adds depth and dimension to the hue, which grounds it in the space. Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Drapery features exclusive lines of fabrics in warm red shades like the Tree of Life print from famed textile artist Rebecca Atwood. The warm colors of this fabric were inspired by fruit trees in Portugal, and it brings their rich, sweet hues into the home in a timeless, polished print – available for all product lines in the Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ suite.


Blues have calming and relaxing effects; in fact, the color blue can lower your heart rate. Therefore, blues are used in rooms where you want to set a tranquil or restful mood like in the bedroom. Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roman Shades can bring blues into a space with texture and sophistication; additionally, they come with the bonus features of being light filtering/blocking and energy saving.


There are even colors that can feel cleaner, which is useful in places like kitchens or bathrooms. Airy colors like white are not only associated with clean, sanitary places, but they also feel open and breezy which help spaces feel fresh. A Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roller Shade in white works for many kitchens and bathrooms not only because of its color, but also because roller shades are unobtrusive and uncomplicated so they don’t weigh down the open feeling of white window treatments.

And while the ways colors affect us remain consistent, that’s not to say there is no personal touch involved in color choice. Once a color is selected to achieve the desired mood, styling comes next and that’s where personal taste really shines through. Are you drawn to soft colors or bold colors? Will you use color to envelope the room or highlight the hue with pops of accent color? Let personal style dictate design, and when in doubt reach out to an expert to help you refine and embody your personal style.

The experts at Bottom Line Blinds are here to help you find the perfect color to suite the mood you’re looking to set in any room, and their years of expertise working with the Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ suite of products insures they can help your find the perfect window treatment to compliment your homes décor. Bottom Line Blinds serves Bronxville, Eastchester, Mt Vernon, Yonkers, Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, Hastings on Hudson, Tarrytown, Pleasantville, Chappaqua, Briarcliff Manor, and Ossining, New York from their three locations near Bronxville, Pleasantville, and Dobbs Ferry, NY. So, Contact Bottom Line Blinds today!